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We all have heard stories of dragons living in exotic, faraway places but have you heard about White Dragon Kratom from Jack Botanicals? We offer premium quality Kratom strains from the organic forests in Southeast Asia. Each strain is harvested with care and only the healthiest, and mature leaves make it to the final product. All the manufacturing processes are shared with the customers. 


White Dragon Kratom is an exciting strain that dates back centuries when native Southeast Asians would harvest the Kratom leaves and blend them to benefit from the combined effects of various strains. White Dragon is an exotic strain that grows in Indonesia, where sunlight and humid environments contribute to the unique alkaloid profile. When you use this strain, you can feel the richness of aroma and taste, which makes the experience even better. We convert the best Kratom leaves to powder.

Appearance of White Dragon Kratom:

White Dragon Kratom powder is not as dark as red vein varieties, and neither is it bright green like the green Kratom strains. You can enjoy the goodness of nature with this light green powder, which smells earthy and botanical. White Dragon Kratom does not have a strong taste like other strains, which makes it ideal for new users. 

How to Use Kratom Powder:

You can use Kratom powder in multiple ways as it is the only product that can be enjoyed in different forms. Many consumers like to make White Dragon Kratom tea, which requires only a little bit of powder in boiled water. It takes only a few minutes to brew the tea and then you can enjoy the soothing, warm cup of Kratom tea. You can also use Kratom powder in edibles such as gummies, or baked items. Many people enjoy this stimulating strain in smoothies before workouts or after a long day to feel refreshed and nourished. 


• Is White Dragon Kratom powder a morning strain?

You can use White Dragon Kratom in the morning as it is refreshing and improves focus. 

• Will Jack Botanicals deliver this product in three days?

Yes, Jack Botanicals ships orders the same day as they are received and you can get your package within three business days. 

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