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As rare and in demand as white elephants, we bring you the most exotic White Elephant Kratom capsules. These capsules are known for their mild yet energizing effect. Indulge in the uniqueness of this strain, which is not as common as other varieties. 


White Elephant Kratom comes from the mature Kratom trees with big leaves that droop down like elephant ears. These trees are found in the Southeast Asian region, and the large leaves are rich in alkaloids. The unique combination of alkaloids, along with the richness of terpenes, makes White Elephant Kratom an ideal match for those who want to experience its soothing effect, which is followed by an energizing and refreshing state of mind. This strain was cultivated with the idea that the big leaves would have more alkaloids, and the impact proves that the farmers were right. This white vein strain is a class apart when it comes to quick effects. 

How to Use White Elephant Kratom

White Elephant Kratom capsules from Jack Botanicals are an excellent way to consume this herb as they will not require any preparation time. Moreover, consumers who do not want to taste the bitterness of this herb will find the capsules very easy to use. Without tasting the botanical, you can consume your daily Kratom within a few seconds. Another advantage of capsules is that they come in a double-lock cap jar, and if you travel, you can carry them without any risk of leakage or spilling. 

Order the Best Only

Jack Botanicals offers lab-tested capsules so that you can consume Kratom without any suspicion of contamination or additives. We do not believe in mixing White Elephant Kratom with any other strain that is common and, therefore, may be available at a lower price. When we promise White Elephant Kratom, you get a great variety that will give you fast results. 

Another advantage of ordering from Jack Botanicals is that our variety of exotic strains is available all year round. Many other vendors introduce rare varieties seasonally. On our website, everything is available at all times of the year. Now, you can reorder whenever you want to try out a new strain. 


1- Is Elephant Kratom more expensive than other strains?

Some vendors sell Elephant Kratom at a higher price because of it being a scarce variety. However, Jack Botanicals will not overcharge customers and we offer a consistent and competitive price for every strain.

2- Will Elephant Kratom be available all year?

Yes! Jack Botanicals takes pride in keeping a consistent inventory for the whole year. We do not keep exotic strains for seasonal sales or special offers. You can buy this unique variety any time

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