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Our White Borneo capsules will remind you of the cool and dense air of Borneo. You will feel energized and focused after a single dose, and that is enough proof of our high standards of quality and purity. These lab-tested and vacuum-sealed capsules deliver the best results. Learn all about this strain, and you will soon be ordering these capsules. 

Origin of Borneo Kratom

Borneo is an island in Southeast Asia and it is known for its serene landscape and exotic fruits and plants. Borneo Kratom grows in wild forests, and all the strains have unique alkaloid profiles. You can smell the earthy and moist botanicals, and that will be therapeutic, too. Imagine how stimulating and relaxing this strain can be with its rich aroma and taste. Our partner farmers from Borneo handpick healthy leaves and dry them carefully in shaded areas. The leaves are covered with cotton sheets to avoid any insects or dust from settling on them. We receive these dried leaves and carefully curate them to create White Borneo capsules. 

Bringing the Best For You

When users ask why they should order from Jack Botanicals, we tell them that it is the best place for superior quality Kratom from Borneo. White Borneo is an exotic strain, and many vendors sell it as a blend because it is not available in wholesale shops. We deliver the most potent and ethically produced White Borneo capsules for our customers, and their reviews will help you in press Order Now. 

Potent White Borneo

Every user will like White White Borneo Kratom. Some people feel the mesmerizing relaxation with one capsule of this strain in the morning, but some people may want to consume this herb in the day and then again at night. Our capsules are available in different potencies, so you can follow your unique needs without having to worry about consuming more or less. Try out these vegan, non-GMO capsules with the most organic and potent White Borneo Kratom, and you will feel elated. Our quality and customer service are above the rest. Order today and get your package in GMP-compliant packaging. When you open the jar, the aroma will testify to our claim of bringing the freshest and most robust White Borneo to you. 


1- Is white Kratom as good as the other strains?

White Kratom varieties are a great choice and many consumers prefer it more than others. We understand that since white Kratom is not as common as green vein varieties, but that does not denote a lower preference of using it.

2- What is GMP-compliant packaging?

GMP-compliant packaging is in line with the instructions for packaging in the USA. This compliance stresses upon vacuum sealed jars with cap locks. Moreover, the jars have t be brown or opaque so that the contents are not exposed to sunlight. The purpose of GMP-compliance is that the product remains fresh and free from contaminants.

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