Yellow Horn Kratom Powder


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This exotic strain from Jack Botanicals will take you to the serene forests and highlands of Southeast Asia, where people go to relax and energize their senses. Yellow Horn Kratom is a distinctive strain that can change your lifestyle with its unique effects. Yellow Kratom is popular for its balanced and subtle results, which can be a good way to begin your Kratom journey. The bright yellow and mature leaves from Kratom trees are hand-picked to prepare this variant. The horned edges of leaves are a rare find, and our affiliate farmers pick these leaves for you only. When these leaves are selected for a product, the first step is to dry them in the shade, with a cotton sheet to cover them. These thin cotton sheets keep Kratom leaves free from dust particles and insects. When we receive the dried leaves, another selection is made to ensure that your products contain only the healthiest and most potent leaves. 

The uplifting properties of Yellow Horn Kratom offer a unique experience, with a good balance of tranquillity and a mild energy boost. We all need this work-life balance in our fast-paced world. With Yellow Horn Kratom, you can find a moment of calm and rejuvenation, and it will improve your daily life. This botanical works swiftly, thanks to its rich content of alkaloids, while terpenes and flavonoids enhance the overall experience, helping you feel revitalized after a well-deserved break.

Unique Features:

Yellow Horn Kratom derives its name from the horn-like spikes on its leaves, setting it apart from other strains. These spiky leaves contribute to its unique texture and potent effects. Originating from the lush regions of Southeast Asia, Yellow Horn Kratom thrives in the humid, high-temperature climates and fertile soils of the area. This ideal environment ensures the strain’s high quality and efficacy.

At Jack Botanicals, we pride ourselves on sourcing fresh, healthy leaves from mature Kratom trees. Our meticulous manufacturing process ensures that only the best leaves with prominent horns are selected for production. This careful selection guarantees the stimulating properties of our Yellow Horn Kratom powder.


• Is Yellow Horn available all year?

Yes, Yellow Horn Kratom will be on our shelves all year round. However, in case it is out of stock, you can check within a few days because we get new batches to ensure freshness. 

• How can I use Yellow Horn Kratom?

Yellow Kratom has a subtle taste, which you can enjoy in tea, edibles or other beverages. 

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